One of the primary objectives of the FOP is to provide sufficient legal defense for officers in need. We offer our associates a self-funded legal defense plan, only available to FOP groups and individual members. Providing law enforcement officials job and financial protection, expert claim administration and coverage for administrative, civil and criminal issues, the FOP aims to protect police officers during trying times. We also provide HR-218 coverage for retired officers and allow members the right to choose their own attorney.

Sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Police Grand Lodge and operated by FOP Legal Plan, Inc., we strive to offer broad legal defense coverage to police officers seeking support. This plan pays for all reasonable and necessary attorney fees for on-duty claims, as well as funding for administrative off-duty claims. Additionally, this plan works in excess of all other benefits, including defense provided by an employer.

NOTE: Your Legal Defense Coverage will begin 3-5 days after your payment is submitted to the Plan.

Plan Options

Plan Options

  • Price: $312.00

  • Legal Defense Application PDF – Download
  • *** For option to email and scan, download the application, fill it out, and then scan and email it to Gilbert Cortinas at (snail mail can take up to 10 days).
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