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David Moody, President;  Heather McCleery, Vice-President

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

It has come to the attention of the Executive Board that many potential and active members are not familiar with the benefits of FOP membership and the procedures in using your Legal Defense Plan.

We do not want to see any members or potential members left uninformed, so we are offering a list of your benefits to bring members up to date. Also, remember you can be a member of other law enforcement associations and still join the FOP.

The FOP is the voice of those who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving our communities. We are committed to the safety of law enforcement officers and to those we serve through education, legislation, information and community involvement. As professional’s, no one knows the dangers and the difficulties faced by today’s law enforcement officers better than another officer, and no one knows law enforcement officers better than the FOP.


Your annual member dues offer you the following benefits:

• Monthly meetings to address the concerns our members have;

• Life insurance (included with membership) for the member, their beneficiary and/or their minor children;

Members are also insured for accidental death through the Nevada State Lodge;

• Educational benefits for members at minimal cost; and,

• The Grand Lodge website, has links to travel, financial and educational websites designed to save FOP members money.

• Contact our Secretary, Bob Fregeau at 702-466-4909 with your questions or concerns.


This program is designed specifically to cover the law enforcement exposures faced by members of the FOP by paying legal defense costs on behalf of participating members for the following actions and proceedings:

• Coverage A – Administrative (includes administrative off-duty)

• Coverage B – Civil (actions taken under the color of law)

• Coverage C – Criminal

Current annual fee of $269.00 covers the total cost of an attorney (when a plan attorney is used). If a non-plan attorney is used the plan will only cover up to $9,500.00.

In the event a member needs legal representation:

• Critical Incident such as OIS and/or Administrative Issues follow department procedures.

• Next contact Sedgwick Claims Management Services at 1-866-857-3276 (24/7) to secure an attorney ASAP: o Sedgwick Claims Management Services will issue a claim number to be used by the attorney for billing purposes.

o Go to to locate a local attorney from the list. 

o Gil Cortinas, Legal Plan Coordinator 702-379-7425 can be contacted for further information.


Remember that you will only be issued one Legal Defense Plan ID Card, if you lose or misplace it contact Gil Cortinas for a replacement card. Please keep this card with you at all times, in case you need it. For further information go to the Lodge 1 website at

Your Membership Team


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